Do you need a TV

Hi folks, do you know anyone who needs a TV? I am looking for a home for Tim's old TV. Here's the details.

36" JVC TV - free to good home but £25 donation to Oxfam appreciated. Picture gets a bit dark. Needs 2 people to collect because it's really heavy! Contact George on

PS a LJ response is wasted I just never remember to log in


Well I was so inspired by all your brilliant blogs that i just wrote a full page journal entry. And then it disappeared.

It said


Well I've had an evening of ups and downs tonite. I had turned down an agreeable evening with some old friends and soem excellent wine because I had previously agreed (foolishly, as I knew the minute the words left my mouth) to join a slightly scary, very Christian fellow choir member in listening to our choir concert (neither of us was singing this term). It wasn't a piece I wanted to see but she had already bought the tickets. Anyway, she never returned my voicemails as to when we should meet, and it turned out that she hadn't bought any tickets, so when I turned up (late, of course) I was left to pay £12 (and as you know I'm on a strict economy drive) to sit on an uncomfortable seat in the Gods in the Sheldonian listening to Elgar (_not_ my favourite composer). grouchy

But things got better. Waiting afterwards in the entrance for the non-appearance of my Christian Evangelist, I met so many dear old friends from choir, who then invited me to the after show party (daaahling... two elderly sausages on sticks.... as usual) where I met so many more old friends, that I was quite cheered by the end of the evening (two glasses of wine & one hour later).

And they had missed me. How weird. I had got into the belief that i've turned into some sort of irrelevant social appendage, a sort of cross between orphan annie and somebody's grandmother (don't you start, oxfordslacker), but do you know that's bollocks. I do think this Economy Drive and Quietly staying In thing doesn't really suit my psyche.

And I missed them too, even weirder. Doesn't really fit with my heartless and insensitive outlook. (I pride myself on my heartless and insensitive outlook, I really think it's the way to Get Ahead)


That was it, pretty much word for word. Finishing with

I. Must. Go. To Bed.

I will post, quickly, before it disappears.....
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Well I thought I'd breathe habot of a lifetime and actually write in my livejournal. you are welcome to add comments but if you think I'm actually going to read my livejournal you just don't know me well enough.

Anyway I wondered if any of you otherwise unaccessible persons were around on 28th Dec for a very quiet Post Christmas / Pre New Year Thing. if you're in Oxford, and not already booked up, you are all welcome to come along

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just a quick note to allthose scaremongers who flapped about my tattoo, it's really very discreet & sensitively done, here's a snapshot the artist took.


Forgot to say (after comment below) I'm winnowing out my photos (is that the right word?) & want to get some online if I get the time & ability. On the dole from August so there's the time. then's the time. whatever
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In Nelson (beautiful small NZ south island town, got a cornwall-stle artists/crafts movement, sea before, huge mountains behind) & went to see the World of Wearable Art today, bit of a push on the (hired) bike but worth it. Now how the hell do you put in a link? I managed it before. Anyway,, wonderful stuff.

I've written pages & pages of diary but never feel like writing it up when I get to a PC . and only 3 mins left on the hostel PC. hmm. will try to get more coins & write bits up. Or not. If not - summary: Wellington was fab, saw Ivan, great eveing eating Maori food

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Well I've just finished writing up a pathetic drunken ramble I hand wrote in the back of my notebook in a Japanese bar in my first week here. It's rather drunken and very long so for the first time I've attempted to put a link in.

I realise now how much more comfortable I've got 2 weeks later - I thought I hadn't changed but actually I'm much happier - I made the room more comfortable, got to know people at the office etc. I've decided to take up my boss's offer of another month - with a bit more money so I can afford a better place in a week or two.

I'm afraid my entire brain was used up writing the above crap so g'night folks
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Brain dead but still moving

Gone brain dead now, what am I to say? mainly because the landlady asked us to use the internet very sparingly till the 15th so I wanted to put something down very quickly without thinking , basically doomed any even vaguely interesting thoughts.

My employer offered me another month's work and after much dithering I've decided to go for it. Now got lots of plans to see things over teh weekends.

Room still grotty, but today I bought some cheap drawers, a bedside lamp and the small room looks & feels quite cheery. But it's still nasty sharing bathroom and kitchen. Oh, and a lovely pyrex dish with lid, will hold a small chicken.  

So, now yet another dilemma. I went round an partment today, only $40 (= GBP16) per week more than this tiny room.  It's small but a real flat, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, nicely furnished. Woud feel very comfortable.  Has washing machine  Nice view. BUT I'd have to pay for telephone line rental and internet access (as well as the costs there's the hassle of setting it up and the downpayments etc., really stupid for a few weeks), and more flat downpayments and nonrefundable deposits, I'd have to buy a TV (my evening amusement), and it's a much longer walk to shops and the bus stops.

To be honest it's a bit academic as there are many applicants for this place and I probably wouldn't get it because they prefer a longer commitment. I will definitely fill out the application form and see how far I get. I'm probably going on holiday in the middle of the stay so I could change then.

Well most of you (UK) guys are just starting Saturday; I'm rounding off Saturday and can recommend it - as well as a very useful shopping trip (see above) I went round the flat and I went to see a genuine NZ rugby game - amateur rugby - with a colleague who used to play semi-professional and was very patient in his explanations. I really enjoyed it. I now want to get a ticket to the All Blacks, aim high.

I think I'll nip into the mall (on one of those regular buses) and go to a movie before bed. 

Oh, the e to i transformation in their pronunciation still fascinates me. A few lovely sentences for you
> (Colleague) My boyfriend gave me this nasty cold' (Other colleague)
> 'Are you feeling bitter?'
> (yoga teacher) 'Now sit yourselves up for Shivasna [a lying down posture]'
> (our human resources manager, very respectable man) 'I've been working
> on my dick all weekend'

and the all-pervasive 'Yis' and 'eh' - still fasinated by the uses of 'eh' used in what to my ears seems to be a very bizarre way

Fejoias Rock

look it up.

I'm just hanging about waiting for a collegue to finish so we can go for an exceedingly small half after work, so thought I'd blog. I have finally got around to reading friends (& added you in Tim). My God, you're all mad. Bees, indeed. and plumbing.

I did want to make some cheap phone calls with my new international calling card but it's 7am Uk time, no-one would thank me.

Very proud of my 64 year old mother who has gone from denial that any computer can have windows (Where is it then? You obviously can't see inside) to managing her own hardware & emailing like crazy. She had a question which I couldn't answer, anybody got any thoughts? see below

Aha. friend now ready, will get online later tonite.

My current problem is a message that pops up telling me that there is "driver incompatiblity". I went into troubleshooters who told me that there is a problem with Dell Vista and Roxio drag-to-disc.I have no idea what function that serves, or why it was pre-programmed on the machine if it is not compatible. I went to Roxio inc ,and Sonic Solutions where there was a blog with a list of other Dell Vista people with the same problem. It means that the computer is very slow to start up and close down. It`s very annoying.
Last night I tried troubleshooters "uninstall a program",found the drag-to-disc and pressed delete, whereapon a danger notice came up saying that by so doing I was opening myself to strangers. So I eventually sadly went to bed. Father thinks that if I disconnect the hub and run on battery after closing down that it should be safe to do it .What do you think?


It's Sunday night, no really it is....

... my time that is.

Not sure if you're going to get much of a diary tonight, I've just eaten a quite reasonable lamb hotpot (considering I didn't have stock, bay leaves, celeriac or - worst of all - a casserole), now I'm going to turn in for an early night.

Oh dear after my evening of drunken emailing (Thursday?) I got several emails of commiseration, gosh I must have sounded maudlin, sorry about that.. I think I was just struggling to adjust to room size; it is a lot harder to downsize than to ?upsize. Am now much more comfortable & have bought trendy echt New Zealand wall hanging so the tiny room looks quite nice. Except it keeps falling down (the wall hanging, not the room!). I'm also realising th eadvantages of the location, supermarket and shopping mall are only 15 minutes away, as is  the city centre.

I went to a work party on Friday; it was a very educated affair held for some overseas Fair Trade representatives, on best behaviour (hard
work) but nevertheless had fun and the food was lovely. I think I may have left the second half of my audio book in the car of a kind person
who offered me a lift, who was flying to (I think) New Mexico the next day, i.e. probably irretrievable. So, do I listen to the first half anyway so as Not to Waste the Money? or give it a miss because it'll drive me mad?

I took a ferry across to Devonport this afternoon (after a very efficient morning doing laundry, cleaning the blinds etc.). Devonport is a relatively olde-worlde little port less than 15 mins from city centre by ferry - quite nice souvenir shops and the obligatory ex volcanoes, one of which I climbed, fantastic views, must take the camera next time. After a week of 21 degree sunshie it rained for the first time today here. I  still can't understand why it keeps getting dark so early here, I seem to have a seasonal block and can't make myself believe it's not summer

Have a lovely morning, how weird, you are feeling all morningish when it's quite obviously bedtime

Oh I forgot to check if I had any messages. Let alone learn how to see someone else's livejournal. Next time maybe.